5 NXT Call Ups That Need to Happen in 2017

With Wrestlemania 33 and NXT Takeover: Orlando coming up this weekend, it’s about the time that the fans start to wonder which new names we will see on main roster TV.  Last year we had the likes of Enzo and Cass, The Vaudevillans and Baron Corbin make their debut on the famous RAW-After-Mania show.  With the two brands being split once again it leaves a lot more possibilities for call-ups to the main roster from NXT.  The 5 talents in this post, in my opinion have done all they can in NXT and need to move up to the main roster post Takeover and Wrestlemania and grace a bigger audience with their ability.

5. Tye Dillinger

Despite ever winning a title in NXT, Tye Dillinger has far outgrown the developmental territory.  The Perfect 10 has been in developmental for over 10 years and in recent times has proven that he can go in the ring and is over with the fans.

His appearance in the Royal Rumble this year has shown his popularity with fans and WWE need to take advantage of this as he isn’t getting any younger.  It looks like he is heading towards a tag match with Roderick Strong and No Way Jose vs Sanity, this should be his final match for the brand and be a solid send off for his debut on Smackdown.  The possibilities are endless for a run on SDL, I wouldn’t complain about an Intercontinental Championship feud with Baron Corbin as Smackdown is currently lacking solid midcard talent.  A RAW debut would mean being lost in the shuffle with the already large RAW roster that isn’t currently as utilised as it should be.

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4. Hideo Itami

Hideo Itami has not had a lucky time in NXT so far.  He has been plagued with injuries in his NXT tenure always when he is hot and the fans are behind him.  A recent injury delayed a potential feud with Austin Aries and he has since been on the sidelines right after debuting his NOAH finisher the Go-To-Sleep that he had been teasing for a long time.

However, recent WWE posts have shown Hideo’s return at NXT Live Shows and it seems that he will be appearing on NXT again sooner rather than later.  This return should be used for him to shake off any ring rust and prepare him for a call up to the RAW Cruiserweight division and 205 Live.  Imagine his matches with the likes of Neville and Brian Kendrick?  Or imagine him in HHH’s new group of Destroyers?  His call up could potentially push him towards the feud that got cut off due to injury against Austin Aries.  If Austin Aries wins the Cruiserweight Championship at Wrestlemania, I’m sure Itami would be a solid contender for his title later down the line.  Just give Hideo a chance to show his talent and the RAW crowd will love him, just think of the matches that could happen.. Tajiri, Tozawa, Noam Dar, Kendrick.  The 205 roster is stacked and Hideo would be an amazing addition to an already talented group of superstars.

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3. Asuka

Asuka is hands down the best female talent in WWE right now.  She is unbeaten in NXT since her debut and has held the title for well over a year now since destroying Bayley at NXT Takeover: Dallas.  She has since destroyed all of the competition and is facing the also unbeaten Ember Moon at NXT Takeover: Orlando.  Ember has been built up to be the only possible contender to beat Asuka with her powerful Eclipse finisher.

If Asuka does end up winning this Saturday then I believe the only possible contender for her title left is Nikki Cross of Sanity.  I wouldn’t like to see her vacate the title as beating her could benefit her opponent in the long run.

I can’t even decide whether I would want Asuka on SDL or RAW as both brands would benefit from her debut.  RAW doesn’t really take advantage of women that they already have as they tend to showcase Sasha, Bayley and Charlotte mostly.  I think she would benefit most from Smackdown Live as she would have a lot of competition and the women’s talent pool is a lot smaller and has less quality depth.  Asuka can make anybody look good in a match so the likes of Carmella and Bliss having a solid 10 minutes with Asuka will benefit them a lot.

I’d really like to see Asuka debut at Wrestlemania in the Smackdown Women’s Championship match.

Image result for asuka nxt

2. The Revival

The Revival have a come a long way and are the best example of developmental.  Both Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson started off at the Performance Centre and have become (in my opinion) the best tag team in the world.  I consistently enjoy their matches and their “just fists” style.  They have the best heel tag team style I’ve ever seen and know how to get you invested in a match.

Scott Dawson is also gold on the mic and can lead their way through a promo on the main roster.  They have a 3 team match against #DIY and the Authors of Pain this Saturday which I don’t think they will win.  After Wrestlemania is the best time for them to be called up.  Don’t throw them straight into the title scene as both tag championships are currently held by heel tag teams.  Let them face a team that can garner some sympathy from the fans and heat for The Revival and then let them show the new fans why they are TOP GUYS.

Image result for the revival nxt

1. Shinsuke Nakamura

The big one, he needs to be on the main roster.  So many potentially amazing matches with the likes of AJ Styles, John Cena and Finn Balor.  I don’t even mind which show he is drafted to I just want to see Nakamura on the big stage.

Imagine that entrance on the main roster, his skill and charisma alone is going to get him over with the main audience, he is fluent in English and is capable of talking on the mic but his mannerisms on their own will be enough.  After his match with Bobby Roode this Saturday there will be nothing left for him to do in developmental and that is the perfect time for him to make his long awaited debut.  It’s been a year and he has been good enough for the big stage for a long time.

It’s unnecessary for him to be thrown into the World Title picture immediately, it would be best to let him get over organically before eventually challenging for the big one.  I would prefer him to be on Smackdown as I want to see him and AJ put on a clinic, but seeing him on RAW with the likes of Rollins, Balor, Owens and Zayn would be incredible, we’ve all saw what he can do against Zayn.

All 5 of these talents need to be on the main roster in the next year, they have done all that they can in developmental and it is time for them to move on and show the bigger audience what they’re capable of.  WWE just need to make sure they know what to do with each before they think of calling them up.


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