5 UK Independent Wrestlers that should be on WWEs radar

With the UK Tournament over and done with and the announcement of PROGRESS and ICW stars wrestling at Wrestlemania Axxess, the thought that is on the fans minds is just who (who? who? who?) is gonna end up signed by the WWE.

WWE has made massive strides in the last couple of years in terms of the talent that they have picked up and have recently began looking at the UK scene, talent such as Noam Dar, Tommy End and Big Damo are among the bigger names from the UK independents scene, all 3 being regular PROGRESS stars.

I will be excluding any guys that were in the UK Tournament such as British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) and Mark Andrews as they’re already likely to be on there way in to the company.

Here are 5 UK Independent Wrestlers that WWE should be looking into:

5. Mark Haskins

Mark Haskins has proved himself time and time again in PROGRESS and deserves to be in the WWE.  At only 28 years old he has shown that he can go in the ring and can play the underdog in a storyline, his current character is that of just a full on wrestler that exhibits an MMA striking style and submission oriented wrestling.  He is a former PROGRESS wrestling champion, Smash Wrestling Champion and Rev Pro Tag Team Champion.  He’s had incredible matches everywhere he has been.

He was also involved in my favourite wrestling moment of last year when he won the PROGRESS title from Marty Scurll in a match also involving Tommy End and had the return of Jimmy Havoc.  Mark Haskins is wrestling Tyler Bate at Wrestlemania Axxess for the UK Championship and hopefully can show the WWE fans and higher-ups what he can do.  His entrance music at the moment is “Nowhere to Hide” by Crobot and is probably my favourite music in wrestling.

The only negative for Haskins is the injuries he has suffered recently that caused him to drop the PROGRESS championship, he has returned and has been as great as ever, but how long can he continue with the neck issues that also plagued Daniel Bryan’s career?

4. Drew Galloway

When Anthem purchased TNA, a lot of talent was released and Drew Galloway was among the bigger names to be let go.  Drew is perhaps one of the most misused talents in wrestling today, he has improved by light years since he was with WWE as Drew Mcintyre.

He has stacked up quite a résumé since leaving WWE as one of the most sought after UK talents and is currently the WCPW Champion.  Wrestling in EVOLVE, ICW, WCPW and TNA, the star has certainly shown that he deserved the “Chosen One” moniker and deserves a second chance in the WWE to show what he can do.

He could return and completely skip NXT and go on to do massive things on the Smackdown brand.  He definitely has the talent and look.  Not to mention he is still ONLY 31, the future is bright for Drew Galloway, no matter where he goes.

3. Jimmy Havoc

Jimmy Havoc, what a character, what a story, how far he has come.  From a wrestler specialising in only hardcore death matches to a proven technical wrestler.  He has had one of the best character developments on the independent scene, FULL STOP.

He started in PROGRESS as a plucky underdog that the fans loved and then swerved right around into an evil, psychotic bastard that just wanted people to suffer.  He went on to win the PROGRESS title from Mark Andrews and held it for 609 days, winning in the dirtiest but smartest ways possible.  His matches against Will Ospreay were some of his career and he continues to impress.

After losing a number-one contendership match in a bloody battle with Paul Robinson, it appeared that Jimmy Havoc was done with Progress as he walked out to a standing ovation, which was certainly different from his previous reactions.  Then after a near career ending knee injury it was questionable as to whether Havoc would return to Progress or wrestling at all.  This was before a massive return with a deafening pop at Progress Chapter 36 to save his biggest enemy, Progress owner Jim Smallman from The Villain Marty Scurll.  One of the best pops of 2016 definitely and is what got me into the UK wrestling scene.

At the age of 33, a move to the states and wrestling for the WWE could be likely as he too is wrestling at Axxess along with other UK stars.  This could be the first step for the unlikely Havoc to get his foot in the door in WWE.  With his unique look and excellent promo skills, he could definitely be in for a mid-card run as either a seriously likeable face, or an evil bastard heel.  His heel ability would certainly be held back, but he could make it work.

2. Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay, what a talent and only 23 years old.  Making his name in Progress and currently wrestling in NJPW, the aerial assassin has so much ahead in his future.  He has already had career defining matches against Jimmy Havoc and Marty Scurll and can only improve from now.

WWE would certainly tone down his high flying abilities but that could potentially be a good thing for him as it seems he is going too fast at the moment.  As many people have criticised him for pushing too hard and risking injury so often.  Nobody wants to see a bright career end so early.

He has already won the Best of the Super Juniors tournament 2016, the Super Strong Style 16 tournament and has held both the Progress championship and the ROH Television championship.

WWE could certainly use more high flying superstars, just don’t put a mask on the guy.  I can see WWE picking Will up in the next year or so, he’s just too great a talent not to take.

1. “The Villain” Marty Scurll

The Villain is my favourite UK wrestler at the moment, he is genuinely fantastic at everything he does.  Amazing character, can make you love him or hate him, great wrestler and his promos are actually interesting.  He has come a long way since his Party Marty phase and is now one of the biggest guys on the independents.

He is the only 2 time Progress champion and won it in the most villainous ways possible both times, he was on the same level of heat as Jimmy Havoc which people thought impossible in present day wrestling.

As the current ROH Television champion, he has shown how capable he is in the ring and on a microphone, showing his terrific charisma at the commentary desk and also having quality matches with the likes of Cody Rhodes and Will Ospreay.  Scurll is capable of playing a heel or a tweener character under his Villain moniker.

If he isn’t picked up in the next couple of years I don’t know what WWE are thinking.  They truly need great heels and Marty Scurll is the future at 28 years old.

If you haven’t saw his promos yet, check out his YouTube channel.

If that doesn’t sell you on him, just remember his finishing move is the Crossface Chickenwing, CHICKENWING.

Scurll has the look, the charisma and the wrestling talent to be a future World Champion wherever he goes and never fails to entertain the fans wherever he is. He should be a number one priority for the WWE/NXT brand.

If you liked this list and information, please check out each of those wrestlers, whether it be free YouTube content provided by independents or whether you subscribe to Progress On Demand, trust me it is worth the money for almost 40 chapters and other content.  The British independent scene needs the exposure it deserves and helping out the companies is the best way to do it.

Don’t forget to leave your opinions in the comments and share this with your friends. Thank you for reading!


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