Gaming Review #1 – Bioshock Remastered (Kinda Spoiler Free)

Hello and welcome to the Big Banter blog.

As a first of hopefully many many blog posts I thought I would review a game that I hold dear to my heart and in fact, my favourite game of all time.  However, this is the remastered version.

Bioshock is a game originally released in 2007 developed by 2K Boston (later Irrational Games and now Ghost Story Games) for the Xbox 360 and PC and a year later for the PS3.

It was one of the first games that I ever purchased for that generation of consoles alongside Oblivion and was a game that I hung onto for a while but never finished.  That was until I grew some balls and dedicated some time to it and that’s when I managed to push myself through the suspenseful and eery nature of this first person shooter.

The original game was a jaw-dropping experience from start to finish with twists and turns and insanely beautiful environments all in the underwater city of Rapture created by the infamous Andrew Ryan.

Enough about the original game though and let’s talk about this Remastered version released late last year for the Xbox One, PC and PS4 and how I came to buying it.

Last week I saw the Bioshock Collection for only £9.99 on Steam and HAD to buy it, since I have never played the second and third installments of the series it was especially important to invest in the product.  So far I have only played an hour of this remastered game just to see what new features have been added that I could talk about here.


Upon starting the game I was led to the main menu, which was as beautiful as it was the first time I ever played the game.  The airplane crash site and the tower that leads into the city of Rapture in stunning 1080p is a site to behold.  The settings menu is just as it was previous with the basic volume and graphics settings that you would find on any PC first-person shooter.  I believe the only content added in this updated game is the film reels that can be found in game that show a behind the scenes look at the creation of Bioshock and its concepts.

When I played the original my mind was blown at both the graphics and the physics of the water, you could tell back in the day that they had worked so hard on the water for this underwater based game.  Similar to the fire quality in Farcry 2, another game I played around that time.  In this version they have definitely put the hard work in as I was still mindblown at the quality of the water, imagine that, being that shocked in 2017 after playing so many other games with crazy real water.

The game still holds up in the fear factor department as I still find myself walking around wrench in hand wondering when a splicer might jump out from a corridor and attack, the music fits the mood of the game so well and only adds to the horror, I would seriously recommend this version of the game to any fans of the original.  This review isn’t to go over the full game and ruin it for anybody else, it is only to go over what has been added to this remaster and for me to push any fan towards playing.

Maybe one day I will do a full review of the original going over the story arc, the twists and turns and the setting and tone.  Possibly go even more in depth and talk Games Design, but we will see.

If you liked this blog I would definitely recommend sharing it with your friends or any other gamers that you know, and if you ever see this game on sale just buy it, you won’t regret it.



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